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As a wannabe geek, it’s hard for me to admit this, but I’ve never actually used IRC. I’ve used IM programs (Yahoo! Messenger (starting back when it was called Pager), MSN Messenger, ICQ, etc), but I’ve never seen the point of IRC. I even read quotes from IRC conversations from QDB, but I’ve never actually had an IRC conversation.

Anyway, we’ve pondered the idea before of having a PigPog chat room of some sort, as we’re starting to build up a bit of community around the site. I wondered how you’d go about getting your own IRC channel on one of the big networks, as it’s always seemed like one of the geekiest things to have, so I checked it out. Turns out it’s pretty easy, and it’s free.

The question of which IRC network was made pretty easy by a combination of two factors – Sam’s er… admiration for the guitarist in Velvet Revolver, and the fact that it started as the IRC server for Slashdot. Historic geek chic – I couldn’t resist.

So, we have a channel on SlashNET – #pigpog. If you fancy joining us any time, just get an IRC program, and connect to irc.slashnet.org (if I’ve managed to get the link right). If you did it manually rather than clicking the link, you then need to join the #pigpog channel – just type “/join #pigpog”.

Beyond that, I have no idea – it’s the first time I’ve done any of this, and there’s nobody there to talk to yet. Even Sam hasn’t joined me in there. Mind you, that would be a bit sad when we’re sitting next to each other.

That doesn’t always stop us.