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Web Design from Scratch has a good overview of the current trends in web design – the sort of look all the Web 2.0 kids are going for this year. So how does PigPog measure up? Are we in with the cool kids, all hip and Web 2.0, or are we sitting at the front of the class with our unfashionable shoes?

  • Simple layout – I think we get the points here. There’s not too much complexity to PigPog.
  • 3D effects, used sparingly – nope. We lose – no 3D at all. I tried doing a bit of a fade effect on the top bar, but I didn’t like it. No reflections or shadows, they’re too much like hard work.
  • Soft, neutral background colours – white counts, doesn’t it? I think we’re in here.
  • Strong colour, used sparingly – I think we might miss out on this one. The blue of our links is probably not enough to count.
  • Cute icons, used sparingly – arguable, but probably not. Unless you think my pencil is cute. I like it, but I don’t think we’ll convince the judges it’s cute.
  • Plenty of whitespace – Wherever there’s no text, there’s white. I think we’re cool with the whitespace.
  • Nice big text – no. Not really. But, on the other hand, he does specify that if there’s a lot of text, it shouldn’t be big, so I think we might be able to skip this one.

How did we score then? Er… I make it that we about break even, maybe even just on the cool side of the middle if you like my pencil enough 😉

Anyway, it’s actually a nice look at some of the best-designed sites around at the moment, with some notes on what makes them so good. Worth a read if you’re interested in web design, and worth looking at the pictures if not…