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[image:1481 size=small] My planner, complete with ‘/fangirl’ Custom Cover

I’ve been playing with some of the forms in the new DIY Planner.

I picked up my A5 Filofax at Staples when they had a load reduced, and a ream of A5 copy paper (we already had a six-ring hole punch which was handy, because they’re difficult to get hold of and quite expensive). I didn’t have a productivity system to work with (no I don’t do GTD – I just do stuff instead), so I divided the planner into 3 sections:

  • Create – Blank Plain Paper
  • Write – Blank Lined Paper
  • 2006 – Calendar, etc

This has been working pretty well for getting the creative juices flowing. If I want to doodle, I use the plain paper. If I want to write, I use the lined. If I want to see how many weeks to go to the wedding, I access the calendar. It did the job quite nicely, but when the new planner was released I was keen to see if there was anything I could add to make it any better. I’ve added…

  • Potential Projects – to plot out my daft ideas to see if any of them have legs, wheels, wings or any other kind of transportation device.
  • Storyboard – to attempt to draw some of my daft ideas.
  • Goal Planning – planning for the future, as inspired by my coach.
  • Journal – for general scribblings and rantings.

They’ve thought of everything, Doug and his team, including a template for making your own special custom DIY Planner cover. Lovely. Another chance to be a fangirl.