Home :: A Conclusion of Sorts for the Moleskine v Filofax Debate

[image:1492 size=small align=right] I posted earlier a comparison of Moleskines and Filofaxes – mainly looking at the long-term costs. I guess we have a conclusion of sorts, since tonight I bought a Filofax.

Actually, the cost equation works out a bit different for us – Sam already has an A5 Filofax, so we already have paper around, and we already have the hole punch. The binder I picked up from Staples, and was reduced to just £17. So my break-even point would probably be on the second Moleskine.

It’s the Identity – a fake leather (no, they don’t call it anything so vulgar – it’s a “smooth matt finish”) binder with nothing much in the way of features, but it should do the job nicely enough. The Logic was almost twice the price, but with a zip-around closure. I thought I wanted a zip-around closure, but they’re actully a good bit bigger. It adds a good extra inch of length to it, but my emails often tell me I could do better than that 😉

The one I really wanted is the Lyndhurst, which is made of the softest of leather, and zip-around. This one, though, was £60 – far too much.

Anyway, I’m still not sure if the whole paper thing is really likely to work for me, but with Doug’s help, I’m going to give it a go.

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