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Since last week’s revelation from Slash that the long-awaited Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy may be coming out soon, a couple of tracks have magically found their way online. I’ve not heard them myself, but those who have either fall into Column A – “beats the pants off Velvet Revolver” or Column B – “who gives a monkeys now there’s Velvet Revolver?”.

My favourite commentary on the leaked tracks so far comes from Bug at oogu:

“I heard it on our local classic rock station tonight as I was driving home. And you know what? Guns & Rose are dead. In fact, I don’t even think they should use the name anymore because this new stuff so seriously tarnishes the awesomeness that is Appetite for Destruction. If they’d like, they can rename themselves Axel Rose Has His Head So Far Up His Ass He Can Smell His Own Lungs. Go ahead, guys; you can have that name. It’s my “welcome back” gift to you.”

Read the full post on oogu here.

Extra points to Bug too for reminding us that Axl’s real name is William Bailey (later changed to Rose, and subsequently changed to the sporting anagram we know him by now). Maybe Guns N’ Roses would have fared better with this William Bailey in charge instead?

Meanwhile, in other album news, Matt Sorum has been talking about the second album from Velvet Revolver:

“Our first album was very aggressive and just in-your-face. and we made it very quickly,” he explained. “And this album we just really want to, like, you know, we want to pull it back a bit, groove a little harder, make it a little more danceable. We’ve talked about working with people like pop superstar Pharrell Williams just for the… just to check it out. I mean, it’s not rock and roll, but it might be different. Who knows?! I don’t know.”

To which the collective response on the Velvet Revolver Forum went something like this:


So, are VR going to go disco? Is Slash going to trade in the Les Paul for a set of decks? I doubt it. As one ‘gunslinger’ on the VR forum said “….so calm down kiddies and step away from the ledge.” Exactly. Trust Mr Hudson. He knows what he’s doing.

I’m a regular lurker/occasional poster on the VR forum. My user ID is Mrs Creativity. Yes, I know it’s a crappy username, but I wanted a change from pigpogs, because people often get it wrong. Don’t they, Doug? 😉