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We all know that us creative types are smarter and better looking than those normals, but we’ve never really had much scientific proof of why. Until now.

According to Creating Passionate Users, a more creative environment will allow your brain to create new neurons, actually making you smarter. In a creative environment with lots of toys, primate brains can grow more neurons, and thus increase their own capacity. Take away the stimulating environment, though, and the process stops.

It’s never been discovered in primates before, because all the testing has been done on caged animals – not the most creatively stimulating environment. Elizabeth Gould has recreated the experiments, but giving the animals a more natural environment and a variety of stimulating toys.

The question is – does the usual business environment with lines of grey cubes and stress have the same effect on humans? * Brain Death by Dull Cubicle at Creating Passionate Users. * Thanks to Chris Brogan for finding this one. Chris’ blog is well worth reading whether you’re into the creative side of PigPog or the productivity side.

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