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“I’m overwhelmed! So many comments that I can’t even begin to answer them all. And I thought you had forgotten about my ass.”

If you remember the early days of Ren and Stimpy, you won’t forget John Kricfalusi, their creator, in a hurry. His cartoon art generally treads the fine line between beautiful and sickening. OK, so it usually steps over and leaves the beautiful side completely for a while, but we forgive it. Even now, whenever I see the number 47, a voice in my head starts screaming “47 miiiillion dollars!

Ren and Stimpy overstepped the bounds a few times to many for Nickelodeon’s tastes, and eventually they fired John and toned the cartoon down to make it more acceptable – the result, of course, being acceptable, but without any of the edginess that made it so successful.

Now, John K is still around, and is still strugling with media companies to get his work shown. To help with this, and get a bit more direct contact with the public and his fans, he’s started his own blog. The best part is that he’s sharing all sorts of his drawings there so we can get a good feel for what he’s working on. He’s also using his blog to help promote other artists he likes, and has been opening up for fans to send him their own artwork, so he can show off the best.

Though, to be fair, we never actually saw John’s ass.

(Updated to correct typo. I typed “Stimply” every single time, and failed to correct it once.)