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Way off topic here, but I like our little Henry, so I’m going to do it anyway.

Henry is our vacuum cleaner. He’s made by Numatic, and is a fairly well-known model here in the UK. I think they’re pretty difficult to get hold of in the US – not sure about elsewhere.

Before Henry, we had a Dyson, and wouldn’t have another. The design of the Dyson is great, but it didn’t stand up as well to use and abuse as we’d like, certainly considering the price. The reason we went for a Henry is that Numatic cleaners, including the little Henry model, are used commercially a lot. If professional cleaning firms choose to buy them, they must be doing something right. I’ve yet to see a professional cleaning firm using Dysons.

The Henry has been a good cleaner for the year and a half we’ve had it, and has some nice features…

  • The packaging gave me some confidence – a company that puts a cut away diagram on the outside of the box is proud of how the product is built.
  • The body is all plastic, but it’s very tough.
  • The motor gives very good suction without using too much power.
  • Bags seal themselves as you remove them, so disposing of the dirt is clean and easy.
  • A nice big handle on top for carrying.
  • The cable retracts back into the ‘hat’ quite easily.
  • Can be used without a bag for rough jobs – there’s a cloth filter between the dust compartment and the motor.
  • The motor lifts away with the top section when emptying, so if you need to empty the base, there’s no extra weight in there.
  • Smiley face and eyes marked on the front, with the hose as a nose. At least you don’t feel too silly when you start thinking of it as a hungry pet.

Official sites…

A couple of bits of info from someone who repairs vacuum cleaners – both pretty short and worth reading if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner….

  • Dysons – “I’m not going to advise you not to buy their piles of crap, because that would mean less money for us guys who have to fix them.”
  • The Sales Pitch – why to ignore the wattage – “For years Numatic (the makers of Henry) have been publishing their machines performance results in terms of vacuum in mmhg and in terms of cubic litres of air moved. The cynics amongst us will have noticed that no other manufacturer has taken this on board…”.
  • (Via Gary.)

Anyway, in summary, give a Henry a home. They’re much smilier than any other vacuum cleaner.

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