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Time for another update on some little changes to PigPog. Nothing huge, but hopefully tidying up a few things…

  • Added the link to our blogs back to the top bar again – we don’t want them too much ‘up front’, as they’re just our personal rumblings, but hidden away on the About page was a bit too hidden.
  • Cut down the text on the IRC link at the top. Nearly did away with it entirely, but I’m glad we didn’t – a couple of people have dropped by when we’ve been in there, and we’ve had a couple of good conversations with people.
  • Made the ‘RSS’ link to the main full text feed white-on-orange, to make it a bit more obvious than the others. I think some people have been subscribing to the wrong feeds, because there’s too much choice. I don’t want to take away the option of only picking up some subjects, but we don’t want people to accidentally subscribe to the ‘music only’ feed, for example, then wondering why they hardly ever get any posts.
  • Merged ‘Search’ with ‘Keyword Lookup’, which will hopefully make more sense…

Before now, we had the search form at the top of the page, which took you to a nice extended search routine, where you could filter and refine your search. It was a big improvement on the basic Drupal search we had been using before. We also had the Keyword Lookup function, which we used as a sort of semi-automated link for terms we mentioned in articles that we thought people might want to look for further info on. The Keyword Lookup page, though, had a link to search PigPog, which used the old search engine, and gave different results to the main search form at the top of the page. Confusing and inconsistent.

Now, the link to search PigPog on the Keyword Lookup page takes you to the good search engine results, and the search form at the top of the page takes you to the Keyword Lookup page.

The downside of this is that searching on PigPog now takes an extra click – do the search in the top form, then click the link to search PigPog. The upside is that from the same page you can do the same search on Wikipedia, Google, Amazon (US and UK), Technorati and del.icio.us. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for at PigPog, hopefully we’ll make it easier to find what you’re after somewhere. When you see a green link in a post here (examples: Tablet PC, PDA, Moleskine), that’s a link to the keyword lookup for that term – links to other pages on PigPog and to other sites are blue.

Oh, and if you happen to find it at Amazon, and buy it, we get a cut.