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Latest Update: Added link to Steve’s five. Goat Repellant. OK. Strange fella…

Our friends over at D*I*Y Planner have been busy picking out their top five tools for creativity and productivity this week.

“This week on DIYPlanner.com is going to be a little different. I’ve asked each of the writers the question, ‘What five items for enhancing your productivity and/or creativity can you not be without?’ (I’m lumped productivity and creativity together, since for many of us there’s a decided overlap.) I’ve also asked for explanations and tips for those items, so we can get a better glimpse of how those things are used.”

Their top fives…


Seems only polite that we should share our top fives…


  • My Toshiba M200 Tablet PC – all of my writing is done here, and with the tablet features, I can get a bit of brainstorming and such like done too. Unfortunately, the tablet features just don’t integrate into the OS all that well, so for the most part it’s just a small laptop with some nice extra features. I still love it, though. Since there’s only five slots available, I’m going to include Firefox and Bloglines in here, as they’re where most of my writing comes from or goes to. And Notepad++ for all text editing needs – I’ve tried a lot of text editors, and Notepad++ beats them all.
  • My camera – a Canon IXUS 750 (or PowerShot SD550 in the US. It’s not very fully-featured, but the image quality is great, and it’s so small I never leave it behind.
  • A Moleskine Pocket Reporter notebook. I’m tending to do a lot of thinking with paper these days, and the pocket reporter happens to be what I’ve got on the go at the moment. I think maybe a large Moleskine will be next, and I’d probably buy squared by choice now rather than plain.
  • Cross Ion pen – clunks together nice and small for easy pocketing, but opens out big enough to be comfortable. Writes a really black line, never skips, and doesn’t bleed through Moleskine paper.
  • Drupal – a special mention for the back-end software that powers PigPog. Drupal is great – it scales up to take a huge load with ease, and although it takes quite a bit of learning, it can be set up to do pretty much anything you like. Chances are you’re reading this now through Drupal, and if you’re reading it through an RSS reader, Drupal prepared the feed for it.


Sam tells me her top five right now is…

  • Watercolour paints – Cotman at the moment.
  • Aquash watercolour brushes, with the water in the handle – makes life much easier.
  • B pencil – just slightly soft of centre.
  • Twin Tip Sharpie – thick and thin tips, with a nice solid black coverage that makes it easy to get a black and white comic online.
  • Photoshop Elements – only really lacks curves adjustment, so if you can manage without that, you save yourself a few hundred pounds/dollars/whatevers.

So what about you? Feel free to share your top five in the comments – we’d love to hear what you’re using…

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