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Came across this post when it popped up on my Bloglines Search Feed for our pals Beatallica*, it refers to their recent troubles with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and is a good, informative article on copyright issues in general:

“Thing is, the small stations are more experimental and specialist than the mainstream ones, they don’t play the same as the big stations. When I did Radio Savage Houndy Beasty shows on Leeds Student Radio playing Meredith Monk, The Church, John Zorn, Stina Nordenstam and Lieutenant Pigeon, the royalties were going to the likes of Robbie Williams, Noel Gallagher and Phil Fuckin Collins. The whole point of our shows – and indeed the station – was to oppose bland and predictable music, yet our stance actually gave financial reward to precisely that shit.”

Read ‘Copy Rites’ on Bristling Badger here.

**Beatallica are playing their first ever UK date next month at The Underworld in Camden – get your tickets online and when you see Jaymz Lennfield, tell him the old farts at PigPog say Hi.*

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