Home :: Line and Wash Drawings

I’ve managed to get back into the habit of doodling in my Moleskine again recently, and I’ve been enjoying playing with line and wash. You just use a pen with water soluble ink, which includes my little Cross Ion, and then use a wet brush to draw the ink out from the lines to make the shading.

First, I drew our punch bag – yes, for some odd reason we have a punch bag in our living room.

[image:1596 size=small]

Then, I drew a plastic carrier bag that was in our bathroom.

[image:1598 size=small]

After that, I decided to draw the little 3D box that I always draw when I’m trying out new pens, pencils, techniques, or whatever, this time using little squiggles to fill in the areas.

[image:1597 size=small]