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We rarely print photos any more – most of the people we might want to show them to can be reached easier through Flickr or here on PigPog than by having bits of paper in our hands. Sometimes, though, you might want something a bit special to show off, or as a gift. There’s a few places around who can turn a collection of your photos into an actual book.

There was a discussion of the options available a while ago on MetaFilter, but I only saw it today when Rachel at Cre8d Design mentioned it…

I did once do something slightly similar, but in much more of a cheapsakes way – I printed the photos out, two on each sheet of A4, on our own printer (an Epson Stylus Photo 950), and then took it to our local Staples and got it spiral bound, with clear plastic cover sheets. It worked well enough for what we wanted, but wasn’t really nice enough to make much of a gift of.

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