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For anyone who has (or is thinking about) a Tablet PC, The Student Tablet PC is a useful site. They recently started doing a tip-of-the-day, which you can subscribe to as an RSS feed, but Tracy is starting to run low on ideas. She’s opened up a thread asking people for suggestions, and is offering some quite decent prizes for people to submit tips, and lots of people are responding.

There’s now a huge list of tips and tricks, mainly tablet-specific, in the comments for this page, with almost a hundred tips from one user alone (Nithi Sothilingam).

I can’t do that without adding a couple of my own, can I?

  • When entering small amounts of text (like a couple of letters), the handwriting recognition will often do really badly. Yelling at it won’t help, but feel free to try.
  • For reading in bed, a convertable tablet can be used with the screen turned around, but open, with the machine resting on your belly. Comfy.