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Quite what he was doing over at the parfum pour homme counter I don’t know, but Michael has just found something I find oddly disturbing – Carlos Santana has his own perfume. It…

“is inspired by the music and passions of Carlos Santana, this classic yet timeless creation is a rich blend of bergamot, mandarin, lavender springs, cinnamon bark, apple, maja accord, sandalwood, cypress wood, cedar wood, patchouli, musk, leather, benzoin vanilla, amber and tonka bean.”

So there you go. You know what’s coming…

“inspired by the great man’s influence on music, this classic yet timeless fragrance is a rich blend of Jack Daniels, leather, sweat and cigarette ash.”

Yeah, sounds disgusting but I’d still bathe in the damn stuff. I can’t see a fragrance named Eau de Slash being that successful though. Guess he’s going to have to rely on the guitar playing for a while longer yet.

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