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What Is It?

An automatic pencil from Pilot. The difference with the Easy-Lead is supposed to be that it has extra-long leads, and that they’re formulated for “super-smooth and super-dense writing”.

  • Clear plastic casing, with no separate grip area.
  • Reasonably large eraser.
  • Refillable leads and eraser.
  • Costs – £1.45 RRP here (£1.16 at time of writing from Cult Pens), so probably $1 or $2 USD.


It’s a cheap plastic pen, and it looks like one. Not actually bad, but nobody’s going to think it was expensive. It looks a bit cheaper, somehow, than the same-priced Super Grip.


The lack of a rubber grip area does make it feel a bit slippery in use. Again, not bad, but not good. The balance is quite nice, if a little on the top heavy side.

In Use

This is where the Easy-Lead should shine. Whether it does or not may depend on your opinion a little.

  • Me: I find it a bit too light, yet too top-heavy, and I don’t find the lead pleasant to write or draw with either. It’s a nice dense black, but doesn’t shade easily, and smudges a bit too easily. I thought it felt a bit like charcoal, so I thought Sam might like it.
  • Sam: As I thought, Sam quite liked the texture of it, and enjoyed the dense, dark lines.

The eraser isn’t bad, but isn’t as effective as it looks.


Opinion here at PigPog is a bit divided, but at the price, it might be worth a try. Especially if you like your pencil lines bold and black. If nothing else, it’s a bit different to any other cheap automatic pencils.

Disclosure: Our Easy-Lead was from Cult Pens, who give us a little discount in return for us mentioning them when we review stuff we got there. We used them and mentioned them before any of this started, but we like to be open about it.

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  1. I regularly use a Parker Duofold 0.7mm pencil and, sometimes, a Pentel Kerry 0.7mm. Pilot EasyLeads are the only leads I use with them. (Wish they would sell these leads in the US)

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