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What Is It?

An automatic pencil – a ‘clicky’ pencil. The Super Grip is Pilot’s budget pencil, so it’s cheap.

  • .5mm lead.
  • Eraser under clear cap.
  • Rubber grip.
  • Pocket clip.
  • Price: £1.45 RRP here (£1.16 at time of writing from Cult Pens, probably around $2 in the US.


Well, it looks like a cheap plastic pencil. There’s not a lot more to say about it. The mechanism shows through the clear part near the tip, and the clear barrel lets you see how much lead you have remaining, but other than that, it’s a fairly ordinary thing.


Surprisingly good, actually. The rubber grip is comfortable, and the balance is quite good. I generally prefer a heavy pencil, and this is not one, but it still handles quite well. The balance is neutral – balance point is almost dead centre.

In Use

The lead is quite good. Smooth, without the unpleasant scratchyness you sometimes get. I like a softer grade, usually, but the HB supplied isn’t bad.

The tip retracts inside the pencil, making it what they call ‘pocket-safe’, but as with most pencils of this type, if the top gets pressed in, your leg can still get stabbed.

At first, I thought it wasn’t refillable – the top section doesn’t seem to unscrew. However, when you remove the eraser, there’s a small hole that the spare leads can be shaken out through, and more leads added. Considering the price, I doubt Pilot intend you to replace the leads too many times, but it’s good that the option is there.

The cap over the eraser is good, as it stops the eraser getting caught on things when you don’t want it to be, but unfortunately, the eraser underneath isn’t so good. It would do the job when you don’t have an alternative, but if you use an eraser much, you’d want to carry a Mars Plastic too. The eraser is refillable.


For the money, it’s a really good pencil. My guess is that if you’re reading reviews of pencils, you probably want something a bit better quality than this. If, however, you like to have a lightweight pencil as a spare, or for using where it might get lost, this could be ideal – it’s cheap, but handles much better than you might expect.

Disclosure: The Pilot Super Grip we reviewed here was sent to us for review by Cult Pens as a freebie, and they give us a small discount on our orders. We bought from them and mentioned them here before getting anything from them, but we’d rather be open about it.

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