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What Is It?

A mechanical pencil – a ‘clicky’ pencil. Really quite a nice one, though.

  • Slightly clear, coloured plastic casing, with metal and plastic parts.
  • Thick body, with triangular rubber grip.
  • Large, twist-to-extend eraser.
  • Costs – £4.99 RRP (£4.49 from Cult Pens).


It looks better in life than it does in the pictures. The green part is slightly translucent, and although I’d guess it’s just cheap plastic, it looks good – it seems to have depth, and a tiny bit of sparkle. Unfortunately, the pocket clip and eraser surround spoil the look a bit, as they are just plain black plastic. Still, the overall look is quite good. It certainly looks as if it might have cost more than it did.

Pencils have a tendancy to be looked down on in the office, but with one of these, you could probably get away with it – it looks more like a reasonably nice pen.


The size gives this pencil a bit more weight than most cheap automatic pencils, but it’s still fairly light. It balances well, just slightly down from centre, and feels comfortable in the hand. The thick triangular rubber grip makes if feel very accurate, and the light weight doesn’t detract from it – it still feels quite solid and strong.

The Pilot Super Grip which we reviewed yesterday is refillable but it doesn’t feel like it would last through too many refills. This is different. The Grip Plus feels like it could last for years of use.

In Use

This is a pencil you could do a lot of writing or drawing with – the grip lets you hold lightly, but still keep the pencil under good control.

The only downside to the thickness is that this isn’t the most pocketable of pencils. The point surround does retract fully, making it ‘pocket-safe’, but it’s quite wide. People may wonder if you’re pleased to see them.

The eraser is fantastic – much better than the usual end-of-pencil types. It actually works, removing almost every trace of the pencil’s marks. It’s good and thick, and a twist of the surround extends it out further so it should last well too.

If you’re after a pencil for any ‘drafting-type’ work, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere – the sleeve that decends to protect the lead is conical, and would get in the way when trying to draw along a ruler or curve.


Not a pencil for carrying everywhere in your pocket, but for doing a significant amount of drawing or writing, your hand would like this pencil. The conical tip may be a problem if you use a ruler in your drawings, but other than that, you should find your doodling more comfortable than with any other pencil

Disclosure: Our Grip Plus was given to us to review from Cult Pens, who give us a little discount in return for us mentioning them when we review stuff we got there. We used them and mentioned them before any of this started, but we like to be open about it.

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