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I had a silly idea earlier, inspired by Today’s Spam, mentioned on Boing Boing.

I get lots of spam. I’m never going to read it or respond to it. So, I’m now going to recycle it here…

I don’t quite know why.

If it turns out that spam is actually well thought-out and targeted marketing, that people will really be interested in, though, I might as well recycle it somewhere where I can profit from the ads, and make my fortune from the pink stuff.

I’ve put it on Blogspot, though, because I don’t want Google finding all that obvious spam content here on PigPog, and deciding that we are bad people.

Unfortunately, that means the recycling centre will go into Google’s sandbox, and won’t get any visits from Google, making a mockery of the whole thing. But it was pretty much a mockery to start with anyway, so I’m not too worried about that.

I guess the target market for the blog is people who don’t get enough spam, and want to feel like they’re more a part of this Internet thing by experiencing the same hints about their unit, offers of p1lls, and shares in 47 miiillion dollars that’s stuck in Nigeria. Welcome to the intarweb, people.

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