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I shudder to think how much James Lileks has cost global industry in lost productivity. He is responsible for one of the most engaging, entertaining sites on the whole of the interweb, which he describes as:

“…a wreck. Always has been, and probably always will be. Why? Well, blame the internet. This thing began in the spring of 1996 – a three-room shack. I’ve added and added and added until it’s become an endless labyrinth that defies repair. By all means, come on in; I just can’t guarantee you’ll make it out.”

He’s right, you know. Once you’re sucked in it could be weeks before you get out. And there’s no guarantee you’ll ever be the same again. There’s joyous stuff to be had all over the site, but the places to check out before all others is:

James’ latest addition to the Institute is Compu-Promo, a celebration of computer adverts of yore. At least that’s what I think it is. I daren’t go in there, because by the time I get out, I’ll be in my 50s and PigPog will be the billionth web site to be bought by Google.

  • LILEKS(James) – bye-bye! If you make it out, we’d love to see you again!