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Update: Merlin has posted about this himself now at 43F. I’m looking forward to some of this new stuff.

I’m sure most people here already know Merlin’s work well – he’s the Mann behind the excellent 43 Folders, along with a variety of other cool projects. There is, allegedly, an O’Reilly book coming soon, and there’s a wiki, a message board, and for lighter relief, there’s 5ives.

Well, Matt Haughey has interviewed Merlin for Lifehacker, and it makes good reading. Any discussion involving GTD usually tends to concentrate on how to use it for hard business people to make extra sales in their lunch hours. Matt and Merlin actually discuss how it can be useful “for artists and beyond”…

So many careers — whether consulting, programming, sales, writing, or even art and music — are basically a black box to the people who are paying the tab. They hire you for your skills and then understandably expect you to take care of all the sausage-making that makes the magic happen. Demands, specs, and deadlines are poured in one side, and timely work products are excreted out the other.

There’s also a clue as to what stuff we can look forward to on 43 Folders soon – he says he’s “absolutely the worst buffet Buddhist ever”, and is still working on how this all relates to productivity and GTD matters – should be interesting stuff once Merlin’s had a chance to ponder it sufficiently.

Anyway, you’ve probably had enough of me telling you about it – go read it…