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Interesting new product. It’s ink jet printer paper, but the result is waterproof, and can be soaked, scrunched up and generally abused – but should stay readable.

Uses? Hmmm. I’m thinking…

  • Makeshift games, or props for kids to make up their own games? We don’t have kids, and our cats would get nothing out of it, but could you find uses for this with messy children?
  • Boing Boing suggest maps – good for walkers and other outdoor persuits – photographic stuff, perhaps?
  • Set lists and music for outdoor performances? Or even indoor ones if enough sweat and spilled drinks get involved.
  • Pub games?
  • Printing recipes that won’t get ruined on a wet counter top.
  • Signs and labelling for outdoor markets – we could have done with some of these when we ran our own market stall last year.

Anyway, Boing Boing’s story is here…

Any better ideas for uses? Add ’em in the comments…