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We went for a short walk yesterday, and I ended up taking over 800Mb of photos. It’s surprising what you can see without venturing far from your house. In some cases, there was just stuff we’d never got around to exploring – graffiti under a bridge in Linear Park. In other cases, though, it’s just a matter of actually looking at things.

It’s easy to forget to actually look at things, and just see them instead. We’re so accustomed to seeing pavements and kerbs that we just see that they’re there, and don’t actually look at them. Sometimes, it’s worth it, and they’re kind of pretty.

Mind you, I’ve got odd taste in kerbs.

Bigger images with comments after the jump, just thumbnails up here…

[image:1719] [image:1720] [image:1721] [image:1722] [image:1723] [image:1724] [image:1725] [image:1726] [image:1727] [image:1728] [image:1729] [image:1730] [image:1731] [image:1732] [image:1733] [image:1734] [image:1735] [image:1736] [image:1737] [image:1738]

Just up the hill and around the corner from our house, there’s this paved circle. Looks like there was supposed to be something there, but now it’s just a circle.

[image:1719 size=small]

Triangle-g. There’s what appears to be the head of a nail sticking up out of the ground in the middle of the triangle – no idea what it’s for, but there’s plenty of these around.

[image:1720 size=small]

Comedy that Doesn’t Work on Cars. Number 4 – the bananana skin.

[image:1721 size=small]

Pixie Sticks on the kerb. Looks like they’re little plastic sticks that were probably filled with sherbert – is that what pixie sticks are? Colourful against the pavement, anyway.

[image:1722 size=small]

Triangle-8. You’d be surprised how I struggled with the composition for this one. It seemed to work in the end.

[image:1723 size=small]

Drains, in a nice pattern. Not sure why they felt the need for two of them so close together – maybe there’s very heavy rainfall in this bit.

[image:1724 size=small]

Mallow Way. Where we walked, with people in their houses probably staring suspiciously at the strange man taking photos of their pavement.

[image:1725 size=small]

Triangle-2, with a bit of kerb. I tried this one from both sides, but only this way around worked. Odd.

[image:1726 size=small]

It’s labelled “Stanton Ductile Warrior STW”. What a cool name.

[image:1727 size=small]

Bottom left: My foot. Top: Dribble.

[image:1728 size=small]

A portrait of Sam and I, in Danger of Death.

[image:1729 size=small]

Fortunately, in view of the danger of death, a paramedic had been stationed at the top of the hill. Neither of us actually required medical attention at this point.

[image:1730 size=small]

No expense was spared on the signing for this end of Linear Walk.

[image:1731 size=small]

We had to descend a set of wood and mud steps to get down to the path, down the side of a bridge.

[image:1732 size=small]

The bridge was quite splendid. The arches were at an angle to the supports, so the bricks in the arches met the supports at quite a steep angle. Made for some nice patterns, especially with the old bricks.

[image:1733 size=small]

The supports had all been used by the local graffiti ‘artists’. Unfortunately, most of it was pretty poor, but this fella was kind of cool.

[image:1734 size=small]

The brickwork of the arches – you can see the angle it makes with the supports at the bottom. Old bricks are much prettier than new ones.

[image:1735 size=small]


[image:1736 size=small]

The bridge.

[image:1737 size=small]

An old-time JCB mini-digger. Duplicated the layer, reduced the colour saturation to zero, then changed the colours to make it a bit ‘sepia’, then erased the top layer to let the digger show through. I think by this point in the editing process I was getting a bit bored with cropping, scaling, and editing curves.

[image:1738 size=small]

Next time you’re bored, try a short walk – you’ve got 800Mb to beat 😉

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