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A home for some of our other interests, and some places to wallow in more specific subjects than we do here – the PigPog Network is just a rather pretentious name to gather together some other blogging projects that we’ve started.

  • GuitarPr0n – A place to squee over sexy guitars and sexy guitar players. Now includes its own forum for fans of Slash, with more artists to be added soon.
  • Unexpected Cute – Cuteness, where it’s least expected.
  • The Spam Recycling Centre – Where it all started. Just a joke site, really. We forward our spam to it, and then cream in the money from the ads. If spam really does hold the key to what most people want in life, our faith in humanity is gone, but at least we’ll get rich. Faith in humanity or money. Hmmm. Tricky choice.

For our more personal stuff, you might also like to see our blogs.

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