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I’ve been reading up a bit about Espresso, and just thought I’d point out the most useful site I found: The Domestic Barista – How to Make Espresso.

I bought a pack of Lavazza the other day, which is what set me off. Got our old coffee machine cleaned up and tried it out again, only to be disappointed. OK, I wasn’t expecting much, as it’s only a simple machine, and it’s mainly a filter machine, not a dedicated espresso maker. Even so, I expected a cup of something in less than half an hour.

Espresso should take 20-30 seconds. This took half an hour. Slowly, drip by drip.

Actually, the result was quite nice. Probably not what it’s supposed to be like, but tasty enough anyway. Anyway, the article above explains what you really do need to make decent espresso, and what you don’t.

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