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I’ve been a fan of Chris Brogan for a long time now, but this post elevates him from wise man to Guru. This man should be listened to, and his suggestions noted and acted upon. Here he’s talking about product evangelism:

“Here’s a marketing tip in reverse: if you are a consumer and are passionate about certain products or services, pull to try and get more out of them. I want companies I like to know that I like them, and I want them to leverage that interest in special ways. Doesn’t this just make sense?”


“It’s just as important that you get out there and beat the drum for the products and services you love. You know who does this insanely well? Michael and Sam over at PigPog. If Moleskine isn’t paying them, they should. Same with Slash. Dear lord. Sam deserves money for keeping Slash in people’s minds.”

The man is absolutely right. Are you listening, (The Lovely) Mr Hudson? I’m not asking for money. A backstage pass to your next show would be fine. How about from now on every mention of the phrase “The Lovely Mr Hudson” earns me, let’s say… five minutes watching you play? I think that’s reasonable. 😀

See? I’m not a pathetic fangirl. I’m a product evangelist keeping the top-hatted leather clad rock n effin’ roll brand that is Slash alive while we wait patiently for more products from The Lovely Mr Hudson.

That’s three times. Fifteen minutes worth already. By Christmas I’ll have earned enough to spend the week with him. 😀

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