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When your time’s up, your time’s up. And what better way to go than in a coffin that reflects who you were and what made your time on the planet so special?

The Ga tribe in Ghana believe that when a loved one dies, they move on to another life, and to celebrate their life it is customary to see them off in a coffin that summed up their life – here you’ll see coffins made for a fisherman, seamstress and cigarette enthusiast.

“It’s not unusual that fatalities are kept in the fridge of the morgue for almost three weeks until the carpenters have finished their shaped coffins to show mourners the profession or the individuality of the casual.”

I like this idea. I like the idea of the people I leave behind smiling instead of crying because they’re laying me to rest in a giant wooden pineapple. Actually, if it was me, I think my chosen vessel off this mortal coil would be in one of these.

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