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We have just returned from our honeymoon in Buxton, and we’ve had a wonderful time.

Anyway, now we’re back, it’s time to tell you what we did, and share some pics.

Our wedding was on Monday, but rather than leave straight after all that, and arrive late in the day, we set off late on the Tuesday morning. We have cats, so we can’t leave them for more than 48 hours. As long as they’re well stocked with food and water, they manage fine on their own for that long.

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The drive there was easier than we expected, and we passed through some beautiful countryside as we approached Buxton. Some really stark hillsides and impressive old industrial buildings (mining of some sort at a guess). Finding the place was easy, with the help of Shep, our GPS. We checked in as soon as we arrived, at the Roseleigh Hotel. On reaching the front of the building, we found we were being stared at from an armchair inside the lounge – Paddington Bear

Roseleigh Hotel and Paddington Bear

The view from the front of the hotel was quite impressive too…

Buxton Lake Construction

Once inside, Gerard gave us a very useful introduction to Buxton, and talked us through the shopping area and places to visit on a handy map, including recommending various places to eat. They have a folder near the lounge that contains an assortment of menus from local restaurants and pubs, too, so you can not only check out exactly what they server before attempting to go there, but you can make sure you can afford their prices too. Very thoughtful.

The room contained a nice large bed, and a leather sofa. There was a TV with a disturbing colour scheme – everything at the bottom of the screen was bright red, and everything anywhere else on the screen was green. There was also a Bush radio, but a very nice one – a recreation of an old classic design.

We then took a walk into the town centre for a bit of shopping and some lunch at Pizza Expressvery delicious. We found a little shop that sold Moleskines, but managed to resist buying any more (especially since Gary so kindly bought us one as a wedding gift), then had a good look around WHSmith‘s. I was pleased to discover that they sold Lamy Safari fountain pens, which I’ve been reading a lot of people’s very positive comments about in the Yahoo! group of The Drawing Club just recently. At £20, though, I decided against it, and instead picked up an own-brand fountain pen that looked and felt quite nice. I’ll be reviewing both of these in a bit more detail soon, but the WHSmith pen was good enough to convince me that the Safari might be worth getting, but not good enough that I didn’t want the Safari any more.

After doing a bit more shopping, we got loaded down with too much weight in shopping, mainly books from The Works. We popped into Argos, and picked up a catalogue so we could ponder what to spend all our vouchers on back at the hotel, and decided that we didn’t really want another meal. There was a Somerfield there, so we thought we’d pop in and get a few bits of snack foods, and just go back to the hotel for a relaxing evening in. The supermarket was closing down to be turned into a branch of Waitrose and so half the stock was gone, the other half was reduced. I can’t resist anything that’s reduced.

So, that’s how come, on our honeymoon, we ended up in a supermarket, buying cat food and fly spray.

And sweets, crisps and chocolate.

In all of this, I’d kind of forgotten that we still had a fairly long walk back to the hotel, and we now had very heavy bags. The Argos catalogue alone weighed slightly more than our car. We made it, but we ached a little and had sore hands afterwards. An evening of sitting in front of the TV eating snack foods followed. Probably a fairly normal evening for many people, but we rarely watch TV, so it made a pleasant change for us.


We were up for the hotel breakfast at 08:00, which was very good. Plenty of coffee, tea, and toast, along with a full cooked English breakfast. Sam had read about a craft shop, R U Crafty 2, so we headed out to that after breakfast, only to find that it didn’t open until 10:00, so we had a bit of a wait. A little while before they were due to open, a lady noticed us waiting outside, and opened up early for us, apologising for not spotting us sooner. We picked up a few bits for Sam to get started with scrapbooking, and quite a bit of useful advice too.

We then had a walk around The Slopes, and got a few pics, including some litter that amused me – a label from a Buxton mineral water bottle…

Buxton Water in Buxton

The view of The Crescent from The Slopes…

Buxton - The Crescent

After that, we headed back to WHSmith’s, were I bought the Lamy Safari, and had a nice surprise. Although it was marked on the shelf at £19.99, it came up at the till as £12.99 – much closer to the price I’d found it for online. The only down side of that is that if it had been marked at that, I’d have bought it on the first day, and not bought the own brand one. Still, it was interesting to compare.

We then went for coffee at Hargreaves, which was meh. The coffee shop wasn’t really to our tastes, and the coffee didn’t have much taste, but the cookshop was very good, and Sam couldn’t resist buying a painting. It’s all four of The Beatles, from the cover of Let It Be. We not quite sure yet if it’s actually a painting, or just a print with some brush strokes added over the top. It looks like it’s a painting, but it was way too cheap, and there were several of them there, all identical. Still, it looks good, so we’re not too worried.

We headed back to the hotel to unload at this point, as we had a couple of bags and a large box canvas.

After dropping off, and having a bit of a break, we set off to walk around the Pavillion Gardens, home to the ugly birds…


…where we followed squirrels, and filmed each other on a strange hexagonal plynth thing…

Buxton - Pavillion Gardens

There’s a conservatory there too, which we had a walk around, snapping quite a few pictures of plants – I’ve not got around to ‘processing’ any of those yet, so just imagine lots of pretty colourful flowers. I’m sure you can do that. You’re very imaginative.

Anyway, then we went to No 6 The Square for a bit of lunch. Sam ordered afternoon tea, and I went for a beef sandwich. Wow. Wow

Food at No 6 The Square

Horseradish. Oh, yes. Horseradish. Nope, not quite there yet. HORSERADISH! Yep, that’s more like it. Powerful horseradish sauce, like bleached wasabi. Nice.

If you like horseradish, that is.

I do.

We then visited an art and craft exhibition inside the Pump Room, with some really good stuff on show, then wandered back to the hotel again.

Later on, we popped out for food at The Old Sun Inn. It was a surprising little place. Didn’t seem too promising when we first went in, and the further round we explored, the worse it seemed to get. Not bad, but certainly seemed more of a drinker’s pub than a place to eat. And we don’t drink. After a while, though, we popped out from another little section of bar, and found ourselves in a nicely done-out little dining room. And the food was excellent. I had a burger, as I tend to, and it was good and meaty, with fresh and tasty salad. Sam had a steak and guinness pie, which was well packed with tender flaky meat. Good prices too. The trick is just to turn left when you step through the front door – that’s the dining room.

After that, we headed back to the hotel and relaxed for the rest of the evening.


Not a lot to tell – we had another good breakfast, then headed off home to get back to our puddies. We stopped off to visit Sam’s mum, and she’d kindly gone out and bought us a pie to take away with us, so that’s tomorrow’s dinner sorted out, and filled with more meaty chunks.

The puddies seemed pleased to see us, and the Sheba cat food went down well.