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Whilst in Nottingham yesterday, we popped into Argos and spent some of the vouchers we were kindly given for our wedding. I’ve mentioned before that I’d been reading up a bit about espresso and related types of coffee. Well, we decided to buy an espresso machine. They had a couple of very cheap ones, but if they don’t mention a pump, I gather they’re not really up to the job. They had a DeLonghi one for £60, though, that seemed to have all the right features, so we went for that. It’s a plastic one rather than being all nice brushed steel, but it’s also about £100 cheaper than the ‘good’ ones, and it still seems to do a decent enough job.

So, we now have a DeLonghi Caffe Treviso espresso maker. And I actually did sleep last night.

We’d been to Starbucks at the start of the trip, and whilst Sam was in her interview, I spent an hour waiting in Caffe Nero, and I had to make espresso when we got home, so I’m kind of surprised that I managed any sleep. Now, I’m drinking espresso again. And it is good.

After spending a bit of time at the West Bridgford Caffe Nero on the day of our wedding, Starbucks was distinctly disappointing. It used to seem good, but it’s pretty poor in comparison.

I had much better coffee back in Caffe Nero whilst waiting for Sam.

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