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Summer’s on the way (apologies to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere for whom summer’s on the way out), and it’s a good time to get out there and let your creativity be at one with nature. Here are a few bits and bobs to get you on your way to taking your creativity anywhere.



  • Andy Rouse – the best wildlife photographer I’ve ever seen. Grab ideas from his image gallery, and sign up on his mailing list to be kept informed of upcoming events and workshops.

  • Northern Images – Photography by Tim Randall (or, as he’s occasionally known round these parts, “Dad”). His site has an impressive collection of outdoor photography both at home in County Durham and on safari in Africa and Sri Lanka.

  • Blue – Blue is based in St Ives, Cornwall and creates beautiful meditative works of art. Check out the “soul* runnersâ„¢” collection.


  • Visit our ever-expanding Cameras section to find out which camera is right for you. This section is constantly being updated, so check back often.

  • Warehouse Express – A UK-based store listing everything you’re ever likely to need for successful outdoor photography.



  • Danny Gregory – Danny is an artist, blogger and author of Everyday Matters and The Creative License. Also check out the Everyday Matters Yahoo Group.

  • The Drawing Club – Founded by artist Michael Nobbs, The Drawing Club has a blog updated by different people during the week (including us – we post on Mondays), and a Yahoo Group, and a Flickr group. Join in and be inspired by the wide range of styles, and maybe show off some of your own.

  • Wild Yorkshire – Richard Bell’s drawn nature diary of life in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.


Upcoming Events

  • 2006 Patchings Festival – [Patchings Art Centre] opens its grounds to artists, craftworkers and designers from all over the country. Participate in workshops, try out new products or just enjoy looking at all the great works on show. From Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th June at Patchings Art Centre, Calverton, Nottingham.

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