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Latest Update: Corrected the link to the desk organiser version on Instructables at the bottom of the page. The one I’d linked to seems to have vanished, but this one is pretty much the same thing.

New from PigPog – the Binder Laptop Riser

If you use a laptop, a laptop riser is a must, but they’re so expensive. PigPog has a solution for you! The Binder Laptop Riser…

[image:1633 size=small]

(Toshiba M200 Tablet PC, speakers and desk not included.)


  • Adjustable Height, front and back.
  • Low Cost – most laptop risers are around £20 – the Binder Laptop Riser can be yours for less than £3!
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your office decor or laptop.
  • Also provides quick storage for papers.


Easy to use – just place the Binder Laptop Riser on your desk, and place your laptop on the riser. To adjust the height at the back, simply add more binders or use thicker binders. To adjust the height at the front, simply insert paper in the binders.

How to Buy

Binder Laptop Risers are available from all good office supplies stores, and are supplied in kit form. You will need at least one binder, but usually two or more thin binders work best. Make sure you pick up binders where the rings don’t extend out through the cover. If using more than one binder, you will also need some Blu-Tack, or double sided sticky foam pads. You could just use tape on the edges, but it won’t look as neat.


  • Make sure the binders are wider than your laptop, or at least wider than its feet.
  • Shiny binders might be slippy, but can stick well to your laptop’s rubber feet.


Place one binder on the desk. If more height is needed, apply Blu-tack or other adhesive to the top of the binder, and add another binder.


  • Binder bends in middle: buy stronger binders, or stick some paper in to support it.
  • Binders don’t stay stuck together: use stronger adhesive, or stop pulling them apart, you idiot.
  • Binder Laptop Riser is too small for my laptop: two possible solutions – buy bigger binders, or buy a smaller laptop.
  • Laptop slides down riser: there’s nothing to stop your laptop sliding forwards down the riser – you might need to use a bit of Blu-tack to make the laptop stick to the binders a bit better. If all else fails, just don’t set up such a steep angle. Oh, and if your laptop is at risk from sliding forwards, don’t put it near the edge of your desk – PigPog will not be responsible for laptops broken by falling off the desk as a result of any failure of a Binder Laptop Riser.

Competing Products

Yes, we’re so convinced of the quality of our product that we’ll even tell you about the competition!

  • Simple Laptop Stand on Instructables. A simple stand made for using the laptop on your lap, whilst protecting you from the heat. Requires just a bit of plywood and some rubber. If you’ve got the scrap wood lying around, it’s pretty much free, but it won’t look as pretty in your office as our elegant product.
  • Desk Organiser Laptop Riser – looks good, but you’ll need to use an external keyboard. That can bring its own benefits, though, so this one is well worth considering if you don’t mind your total outlay being more like £5 than £2.

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