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Flickr Screenshot

Flickr (what? Photo sharing site – a very good one) have unveiled a shiny new interface today, and it seems like a nice improvement. It’s still kept the clean lines of the old look, but the top links are now nice little drop-down menus, giving much quicker access to more features. I’ve had a bit of trouble finding things before, and I think this re-working will help with that a lot.

You also now get your photos page listed in two columns, even when you have sets – it used to drop to a single column once you created sets, which meant more scrolling to see the piccies, and less piccies on each screen. The sets themselves have moved to the right hand side, which feels a bit better – they always seemed a bit too obvious on the left, to me. Nice work, I think – made an already excellent site even better.

I notice they’ve also re-ordered the ‘all sizes’ page a little bit – the first option listed is now the HTML, rather than the URL, and there’s a note at the bottom to remind you that you have to link back to the photo page if you’re hotlinking the image on another site – quite reasonable, when they’re paying for the bandwidth – like that screenshot up there 😉