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UPDATE Warning. There’s a fangirl moment a’coming…

  • Downloaded it.
  • Listened to it.
  • Over an hour in “The Lovely” says my name! OK, he wasn’t actually talking to me, but I do know the Samaaaaantha to which he refers. I made her forum sig. But hell, he said my name! Squeee! OMGGOMGOMGOMOMG he is teh H4WTNESS!
  • Ask any more questions about Guns N Bloody Roses and feel the wrath of “The Lovely”. Mmm’kay?
  • He has a laptop and gets Google Alerts. Just in case he’s moved on to RSS feeds, I’d just like to say… er… hi… er… you got real purty hair… umm… I like the noises you make on that…er… thing… er… hi.

Thanks to the fine folks over on the VR Forum for making this wonderful show downloadable. And to Matt and “Teh Lovely” for being such entertaining radio folks.


Slash is going to be on Camp Freddy Radio tonight. The show is hosted tonight by VR drummer Matt Sorum, and regular host Billy Morrison says:

And the other piece of news also concerns Mr Sorum. As you guys know, I will not be doing CFR this week, so Matt is going to hold down the fort – and is bringing in a rather special guest. His very own bandmate, Slash. And according to Matt, they will be tackling all the recent rumors surrounding VR, Axl, GnR etc HEAD ON!!! Expect some juicy chunks of gossip, and for once in this business, you can get your information “Straight From The Horses Mouth”!! Slash has been a guest at Camp Freddy shows many times, but has never appeared on CFR. So tune in to Indie 103.1FM this coming Saturday, from 6.00pm to 8.00pm PST or log on to www.indie1031.fm and hear Matt and Slash hosting Camp Freddy Radio.

I do hope this show is podcast too. As much as I adore The Lovely Mr Hudson, after the week I’ve had I really don’t fancy my chances of staying up to 3.00am just to hear the odd word and see “…buffering” appear over and over again in my media player. If anybody manages to get this show captured in a downloadable format, please let me know! There have been so many absurd rumours doing the rounds of late, it would be nice to hear the man himself put them straight.

  • Indie 103.1 FM – airing the show.
  • Camp Freddy – official site of this fantastic “freak of Hollywood nature”.
  • Billy Morrison – host of Camp Freddy Radio.
  • 6767 – online home of Camp Freddy guitarist, Dave Navarro