Home :: Taking Lucy to the Vet

We had to take Lucy to the vet this morning. Fun.

It’s nothing serious – she’s had this problem before – a bit of conjunctivitis in her eye. It doesn’t seem to bother her too much, but makes her eye a bit gummy. We’d had some cream for it, which got rid of it, but we probably stopped using it too soon, so it came back. Again, the cream got rid of it, and again, we stopped using it as soon as it was clear, and it came back. Well, this time, we had no more cream left, and it was back.

The first challenge is getting the cat into the travelling case. A travelling case is a plastic box, with a narrow door at one end, not much wider than a cat. With Sweeney, it’s easy. Open the box, and she’s in it. Before you’ve even put the box on the floor. An open box is a challenge to Sweeney.

To Lucy, it’s a visit to the vet about to happen, and she hates that. I think more than the vet, she hates the journey. She doesn’t travel well.

So, you have a box with an opening, and a cat. Putting the one into the other is tricky.

Putting meat into the box didn’t work. She was hungry. Wasting away, as she likes to claim. But not that hungry.

She’s never been that hungry.

So, next was picking her up, putting her head in front of the box, and pushing. Nope. The head can move to the side, thwarting any attempt to introduce it to the box, and those back legs can then sproing outwards, making a complete insertion impossible. Even with two of us, there was no way that was going to work.

So, finally, I held the box on end, with the opening pointing upwards, whilst Sam held Lucy near her front, so she could swing her bum and back legs into the box in one beautifully executed movement, then fold up the front legs and drop. By time she’d worked out where she was, the door was shut and bolted, and there was nothing she could do.

We tried to make it up to her by inserting more meat into the box, but she wasn’t in the mood for kronsche kronsche.

Anyway, to chop the rest of the story short, because the amusing part is now over, she was fine, she ate most of the meat whilst waiting at the vet’s, and wore the rest when removed from the box. I’m sure it’s not the first time a cat has been presented to them clad in honey-roast turkey, though.

We’ve got some cream, she’s had an injection and been all checked out, and got the coolest eye makeup, in an 80s faux-punk sort of way.

In order to check it wasn’t an ulcer that was causing it, the vet put some green dye into her eye, and along with the redness that was there a bit to start with, and brought out more with all the checking and prodding, she had one colourful eye. Splendidly funky.

Anyway, the Gamston branch of Vets4Pets are truly excellent, and it all came to less than £25.

More of a problem was Sweeney’s reaction when we got back. The vet smell clearly upset her, and it was over an hour before she’d come near any of us without growling and hissing, and for another couple of hours she was still in a very odd mood, randomly growling. She’s still not getting on with Lucy, even more so than usual, but I’m sure it will all be back to normal once the smell wears off.