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Another Update: It’s all Moleskine news today here. The watercolour notebooks seem to actually be available now, and Idle Minutes have been playing with them – unfortunately, they’re not all that keen on them, but do say they’re much better than the old sketchbooks. See the story on Moleskinerie. NWD, of course, have them for sale, as do Mojo in the UK.

Two Updates…

  • NWD has taken the new notebooks for a test drive – and it looks good.
  • Worse news – they won’t be available as soon as hoped. A whoopsie with the glue used to hold the covers on has put the release back for at least couple of months, and perhaps more.

Ninth Wave Designs have finally got their hands on the new Moleskine Reporter Watercolor Sketchbooks. First impressions seem very positive. The small is 60 pages, and the large is 72, with all pages perforated so you can remove them.

“Modo & Modo has designed a sketchbook with the needs of a professional artist in mind. This is a painter’s sketchbook. This makes me very happy, and I know it will make many other people happy as well.”

As for the paper itself…

“I have tested out the paper briefly and the results are good. I will need to spend some time working on these pages to see how the results are, but everything about the surface of the watercolor pages looks to be very nice to paint on. I will post the results as soon as I have something.”