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I’ve written before about turning the computer desktop into a virtual bedroom wall for those recycled teenage fangirl moments, but today I thought I’d look at using the desktop as a virtual scrapbook instead. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, it’s nice to have something on the desktop that can inspire you in one way or another. If you’re able to customise your desktop on your work computer, a collection of images that remind you of all that’s great in your life might help in those times when you’d rather be anywhere else than at the office.

My Desktop

My Current Desktop My desktop on Flickr – click on the link to see the pic with notes

I’ve made my desktop look like a messy notice board. If I had a real notice board, this is how it would look, with pictures loosely grouped together, some no doubt jammed under a solitary drawing pin. It’s divided roughly into four areas…

  • Our CatsLucy, Sweeney, PigPog and JessPuss. It would have been lovely to see all four together for real, but grouping them together is the next best thing.

  • Guitar Pr0n – Celebrating my admiration of sexy guitars and sexy guitarists. In particular The Lovely Mr Hudson, who crops up on my desktops rather a lot, and for good reason.

  • Me and ‘im Indoors – A picture from our wedding and one from our honeymoon

  • Other Stuff – A cartoon bunny by Chris Brogan, cartoon beatles, the ATV Television ident (a happy memory from childhood – ATV meant fun stuff like TISWAS and The Muppets whereas the BBC just did boring stuff like Panorama and Mastermind) and a picture of Zippy, because that’s the name of my computer.

Other Ideas

With a basic knowledge of a package like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro it’s easy to make inspiring desktops of all kinds… here are a few ideas:

  • A collection of cover art from your favourite albums
  • Screengrabs of news clippings of your favourite sports team
  • Support your team in the World Cup with a patriotic desktop
  • Pictures from a recent holiday
  • Pictures of your next holiday destination
  • A gallery of family pictures
  • Expecting? Scan your scan photo and put your impending arrival on your desktop!
  • Show off your art with a desktop gallery
  • Use the text tools in your image editor to fill your desktop with inspiring quotes.
  • Download live images of the Earth from space

These are just ideas to have a bit of fun with your desktop. If you’re looking at turning your desktop into a useful tool to help you with your day, there are loads of options, as demonstrated by the fine folks at the Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell Pool.


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