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Our bottle of Waterman ink is getting on a bit, so it may not be exactly the same as the current formulation, but it’s recent enough that I doubt it’s changed much.

It’s quite a blue shade of black – more of a slate grey than really black. Personally, I like a really strong black, so I wasn’t so keen, but it may well appeal to other people for precisely the same reason.


Index Card

Sample - Waterman Black on Index Card

The ‘black’ parts are a tiny bit on the blue side, but only noticeably so where the colour is lightest. In rapid scribbling, the ink varies form a fairly dark black to a relatively light blue-grey. If you like a bit of variation in your line, this could be a good thing, but it’s not for me.

The line and wash gave interesting results. Where the ink washed out well, it’s gone dried to a brown, but where there was more ink left, it’s remained slightly blue. Again, it’s not a predictable result, but if you don’t mind letting go a bit and embracing a more random outcome, it’s quite pretty.

Moleskine and Smudge Test

Sample - Waterman Black on Moleskine

On the creamy Moleskine paper, the blue hint is much less noticeable, except for parts of the line and wash test. Although it’s unlikely to show up in the photo, there is a bit of feathering around the darker areas. It’s not enough to be annoying to me, but some people can be touchy about a bit of feathering.

The smudge test shows fairly average results – the wettest parts of each line were still wet after more than ten seconds, but most of the ink was dry after two or three.


If you prefer an ink that has a bit of variation to it, this delivers. If you want a really black black, though, and want something that will cover evenly, it’s not so good. I fall into the latter category, so I was glad to flush this out of my pen again, but I can definitely see how some people would love it.

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