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  • Learning to Draw: A bunch of tips and links to help you learn.
  • Colours: A bit of background about how colour works, and how to work with colour.
  • Comics Step-by-Step: Learn by seeing how others have done it.
  • Painting Step-by-Step: The same idea, but for paintings. Warning: includes some work by Coop.
  • How to Draw People: Google seems to love this page, and keeps sending lots of people to it. Maybe you’ll like it too. Google is usually right about these things.
  • Everyday Matters Wiki: Danny Gregory has set up a wiki where everyone can step in to help build a great resource for all of us. We ran PigPog as a wiki for a while, and it’s a wonderful way to share the load of building a resource, but it got too overloaded by spammers for us to keep up. Danny has chosen to use a wiki hosted by someone else, so hopefully they’ll have the experience to keep the spammers at bay. (Thanks to Michael Nobbs for pointing it out.)



Tools and Toys


  • ArtRage 2: A paint simulator for Windows and MacOS.

Online Art Toys





  • Art-Related Flickr Groups: Flickr is mainly a photo-sharing site, but they don’t seem to mind some of your photos being photos of your drawings and paintings. Users can create ‘Groups’ to collect photos on a theme from different people, and there’s quite a few art groups on there.
  • Sharing Creativity Online: Places you can share what you’re creating.
  • Offline, you can share Artist Trading Cards with other artists. (Thanks to Innowen for reminding me about these in this post on D*I*Y Planner.)


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