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Unleashing Your Creativity

Almost everybody can be creative, but most of us need a bit of help getting it going.

Creative Flow

  • How to Have Ideas: well, it works for me. Give yourself an output, and a path to get to it, and the inputs should start flowing on their own. It’s all about having a simple system in place to know where your ideas are going, or they won’t arrive in the first place.
  • Killing Distractions: Just Capture It!: a trick from GTD to help you stay on the job at hand, when your mind starts wandering with new ideas – but don’t lose the ideas!
  • Life: Simplification: An old blog post of mine, but still true. I got bogged down in the tools and systems, so I simplified everything to clear my systems and my head. That left my head rather empty.

Dealing with Criticism

Specific Areas


  • Writing with a PDA and GTD – covering some specifics of using the tricks from the How to Have Ideas post above, along with a PDA and some GTD magic, to keep the articles you’re working on in a healthy state of flow.

Creativity At Work

Day Jobs

Going Pro

  • Painter Creativity have listed the Top Ten Lies told to Naive Artists and Designers – probably relevant to writers and almost any other creative, too. Just as importantly, they tell you the arguments against each of them. (Found via Performancing.)
  • Saving Money: If you’re going to spend more time playing with creative stuff, you’ll need to save a bit of money. If you’re going to try to go pro, you’ll need to save a lot of money.