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  • Guitar Tips: a few tutorials we’ve found to help you get started and get better.

Tools and Toys


  • Portable Guitar Kits – guitars aren’t usually the most portable of things, but there are some relatively portable models around – with the right kit, you could have a pretty mobile setup.

Specific Models

  • Danelectro 56-U2: The re-release before the current re-release – we picked one up from Ron’s Music in Darlington, and it’s a fun thing.
  • Epiphone Les Paul 1956 Goldtop: Sam had a bit of a play, and she liked it.
  • ESP LTD M-50: Sam’s first guitar, and she still loves it – it’s the very bottom of the line that ends in Kirk Hammett’s signature series.
  • Simon & Patrick Luthier: Back in the days when PigPog was a wiki, a friend wrote this up for us, about his beloved guitar.
  • Variax 500 from Line 6: a Magic Guitar. Pretends to be lots of other classic guitars. I’ve got one, and it’s quite amazing. For more background on the Variax idea, see Variax Guitars.

Other Kit

  • GuitarPort: It’s a strange little box from Line 6, that can model various amps, and even a few different effects pedals. Needs to connect up to your computer through USB, which makes it a bit less convenient than a POD, but it’s good if you’re short on space, and it’s cheap.
  • GuitarPro: A great bit of software for working with tab, and learning other people’s tab. Unfortunately, the web site for sharing files was riddled with spyware stuff before, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get pulled very soon – the RIAA are starting to attack tab sharing now they’re doing so well at stopping MP3 sharing.



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