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Update: Made a couple more changes…

  • The navigation section is now in the black bar at the top of the page, replacing the block of links on the right.
  • The RSS feeds that were all listed in that block are now on a page called feeds, linked from the top bar.
  • The ads are different. Instead of a big block intruding into the content, there’s now a banner at the top of the middle section.
  • The ad on the right used to only appear on actual content pages – now it appears all of the time.

This means slightly more ads than before for logged in users, but slightly less if you’re not logged in. The reason for doing it is that it will make the upgrade to Drupal 4.7 much easier. When we do that, we’ll then have more options again for how to lay things out, so if you’ve got any thoughts about all this, feel free to share them in the comments – it will be useful when we start working on positioning everything again.

We’ve just finished a big job – changing how the navigation works on PigPog. When you’re on the front page (or an index page), you see a list of the main subjects on the right.

Previously, each of these took you to an automatically generated alphabetical list of articles to do with that subject (Art, Craft, Music, etc.). Now, they each go to a static page that we write, giving an index to the subject. That gives us a few advantages, in return for a bit of extra work maintaining the indexes…

  • The index pages themselves can link to other sites. Before, they could only include links to our own pages.
  • We can order them and split them up however we think is best – we’re not stuck with the articles being in alphabetical order, split by the first letter in the title.
  • We can give articles better titles, instead of always trying to start them with the most important keyword so they’ll appear where people will look for them.
  • We can split things up whenever it’s needed. There’s a lot of reviews of mechanical pencils, so they get their own index page, which is linked from the pages for Art and Writing. You’ve been seeing these ‘subindex’ pages appearing for quite a while now – this is what we’ve been working towards.

As usual, we’re hoping that this well make PigPog more usable, and more friendly, but let us know if we’ve got any bits wrong. It’s getting late now, and I could easily have got some links wrong.

I’ll probably be changing the index pages around quite a bit as time goes by, to keep improving this, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

I noticed recently that when I look for a page on PigPog, I’ve been tending to use the search box rather than try to look in the index pages, because I don’t trust the indexes to be well organised. I’ll know we’ve improved things if I start using these new indexes myself.