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A bit about some creative people who have caught our eye…


  • Ann Smith: Robot sculptures from scrap electronics.
  • Blue: Photographer. Artist. Groovy Spiritual Being.
  • Chris Natrop: Paper Artist. An artist, that is, who works in the medium of paper, not an artist who is made from paper. That would be absurd.
  • Eric Grohe: Amazing 3D Mural Art.
  • Fred Gallagher: The artist behind the beautifully drawn American manga series Megatokyo.
  • Jim Victor: Food sculptor. Yes, a sculptor who works mainly in the medium of butter.
  • Mark Jenkins: Fake People. Sculpture, conceptual art or pranks.
  • Peter Callesen: More paper art, but most of these are actually made from single sheets of A4, which makes them all the more impressive.
  • Roz Stendahl: Some great inspiration on pre-preparing for art and journals.
  • Scott Adams: A few secrets about life as a famous cartoonist.


  • Harry Eng: Impossible Bottles. They have enough ‘concept’ behind them that they should probably go under ‘Art’, but it was looking a bit empty down here 😉 Damn cool, either way.
  • Knitta: Gangsta rap and wool. Together at last.


  • Beatallica: Beatles tunes, done Metallica style.
  • Slash: Sam’s favourite guitar player. You might have noticed.


  • Chris Rose: Monsters of Uxbridge. Sounds like a fairly poor rock festival, but it isn’t.
  • Blue: Photographer. Artist. Groovy Spiritual Being.
  • David Klotz: Art Frahm updated.


  • James Lileks: Not sure what to say about James. He’s damn funny. Wander into his web site, and it could be days before you come out again. If you ever do make it out, remember it was your old pals at PigPog who told you about it, won’t you?