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The MSBlog tells us that there’s a public preview of Windows Vista now available, so everybody can have a play. The links seem to be down at the moment – as always happens with these things, demand has been a little on the high side.


  • It’s a beta for one thing, so don’t try to rely on it too much, and it may be harder to install than the final. There’s a few months more work to put into it yet.
  • The keys only work for a year. Not a bad chance to try it out, but if you get hooked, you’re going to have to pay up after a year. (Actually, strictly speaking, these things often legally expire when the final version becomes available.)
  • You get actual legitimate keys, which can install Vista on up to ten machines.

So – will I be having a go?

No. Probably not. I want a system I can rely on for day to day work, and Windows XP is doing the job quite well. If I went to the effort of switching, it would probably be to Linux at this point. I certainly won’t be wanting to pay for the final version of Vista, so there wouldn’t be a lot of point. Well, that and the fact that the download would take forever over a modem 😐

Thanks to Robert Scoble for the story.

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