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  • deviantART: Sharing more than just photography, deviantART also specifically encourages desktop wallpapers, retouching of photos, digital art, and handmade crafts (or at least photos of them – they’re easier to upload that way ;). dA has a dark, goth feel to it, and may be the only place on the Internet to contain more angst than LiveJournal.

Other Useful Places


You can use a blog for sharing just about anything – photos, pictures of stuff you’ve made, or audio files. They don’t generally come with their own community (LiveJournal has a bit more than most), but going it your own way can have its advantages too.

  • Blogger: Free blogging from Google. Lacks features, but quite flexible, and works quite nicely. You can even publish from Blogger to your own hosting.
  • TypePad: Hosted blogging from MovableType. Not free, but has more features than Blogger. Under some very heavy competition now from…
  • WordPress.com: The free hosted blogging service from WordPress. Free, but only allows one blog per account. If one blog is all you need, it should be a good feature set for the (no) money.
  • LiveJournal: Mainly filled with angsty teens sharing more than you really wanted to know, LiveJournal would have no geek cred at all if it wasn’t for JWZ. With communities, friends lists, etc, it has a bit more community wrapped around it than most blogging platforms, but still has most of the features of ‘real’ blogs. You only get a basic account for free, but the paid for accounts are cheap.

You might also be interested in our article on Making Money from Your Web Site if you get into blogging a bit more seriously.



Flickr is probably the best photo sharing site out there, with some very useful features. You can add tags (just a bit of text, like “mac”, or “pen”, or “michael”) to pictures, then easily explore what other people have applied the same tag to. You can also add notes to a picture, to add annotations to specific parts of the photo – add notes as to who the people are, or draw attention to details people might otherwise miss.

Although they don’t actually stop people from uploading art, Flickr is intended to be for sharing photos, and if most of what you upload is not photography, they might mark your account to stop showing up in public areas.

Flickr does allow you to post the pictures on other sites, with the images still hosted on Flickr, but you must link to the photo’s page on Flickr.

Picture Hosting

If you share your stuff on forums, you may just need somewhere to host your image files. If so, the biggest name out there is PhotoBucket, but there’s also a new contender – C|Net’s AllYouCanUpload – you just upload the file, then use the URL it gives you to share it elsewhere. You don’t even need to create an account, and you can upload as much as you like, with no usage limits at all.

I’ve not really used either of them, as I don’t use any forums in that way – and if I did, I’d use my own hosting anyway. If I was in the market for such a thing now, I’d probably be trying AllYouCanUpload to start with, but PhotoBucket has been around a lot longer, with lots of loyal fans.

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