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  • Blogging: One of the simplest ways to get started with sharing your writing with an audience. Can be anything from just an online diary to some really good writing.


  • Improving Your Writing: Our collection of tips and tricks from all over the place.
  • Writing at the Speed of Thought: Your writing might be better if you force yourself to slow down by working in pen and paper.
  • Storing Nuggets of Information: I love writers who always seem to know lots of tiny little stories and snippets of info, relevant to anything they’re writing about. They get that way by spending years squirreling away information, but it has to be done in such a way that you can find it again, and can still read it. Just plug it all into some random database application that has a pretty front end, and you might find you can’t get to it in ten years.
  • Writing with a PDA and GTD: At the moment, I’m not using this system, but it’s still something very similar, implemented differently. This is a way of keeping up a flow of articles, and tracking where you’re up to with different ideas, using a PDA and some tricks picked up from GTD.
  • Scott Adams on Writing Humour: It’s all about having two of six elements – a simple rule for how to be funny.

Tools and Toys

  • Paper and Notebooks: All sorts of paper related stuff. Well, ok, mainly Moleskines, but we like Moleskines.
  • Pens: Fountain pens, ballpoints, gel pens – we’ve played with lots of pens. Find out what we thought to them.
  • Fountain Pen Inks: If you’re fussy about what you feed to your ink-slinger.
  • Mechanical Pencils: For those who prefer rubbing graphite to dribbling ink.
  • Text Editors for Writers: Why you might be better off with a text editor than a word processor for getting your words down.
  • …and then Sam makes the case for Word Processors.

  • Google Notebook: Could make a handy way to make notes if all of your writing is done at a computer online.


  • Keeping a Journal: Ideas to get you started with your journalling, and tips and tricks we’ve gathered.