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Since getting back to full time work and not really having the time or inclination to get the paints out, I’ve been having fun making little “sigs” for my friends to use on the fan forum we all hang out in. A “sig” is a small image, usually about 100 pixels high and 500 pixels wide, that appears at the bottom of every post you make on a forum or message board. I make mine in Paint Shop Pro, but they can be done in any similar package, such as Photoshop.

[image:1984 size=original]

This is my current sig. A simple cropped picture (a gorgeous picture by Ross Halfin) and some text.

[image:2055 size=original]

This was made for my friend Klaira, with a hidden reference to a private joke that’s not suitable for sensitive ears. I won’t repeat it here, because this is a family site.

[image:2069 size=original]

And this is my latest creation. Sometimes all you need to do for a good sig is to crop, and you don’t need extra layers or embellishment. I really like this – all you can see is a bit of hat and a bit of hair, but because it’s him, you instantly know who it is.

So that’s how I’ve been sharing my creativity recently, in case anyone wondered :).