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We’ve pointed before to a way of making your own instrument inspired by the Blue Man Group, but now they’ve licensed out designs to be made by ToyQuest, so you can buy them. They are aimed at kids, and sold as toys, not instuments, but they still look kind of fun, and the prices don’t look too bad. No idea if they’ll make it over to the UK, and I don’t think we’d be buying anyway, but I’d love to have a try.

If, on the other hand, you just fancy a bit of a play, and you have a graphics tablet, Music Thing have another little treat – a graphics tablet Theremin. You use the pen on your tablet to control the sound, and it makes the strangest noises around. Very retro, and kind of fun. It’s a tiny download, just unzip it and run it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work with the default drivers on my Tablet PC, so I’ll have to either borrow Sam’s computer, or install the real Wacom drivers.

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