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We went to the Patchings Art Festival last weekend. So, why was there nothing on the site about it? Because we both found it a bit dull and disappointing. Why? A number of factors, I think…

  • It was very warm, especially inside the marquees.
  • We’d been out and about in the heat the day before, and neither of us were really in the mood for it.
  • It was almost exactly the same as last year.
  • We didn’t have much spare money.

Unfortunately, the combination of factors made it much less fun than we were hoping. There were plenty of arty toys to buy – new types of pens, pencils, paints, books, etc, but we couldn’t really afford to spend the money. It was too warm to enjoy browsing much, and we’d seen almost all of the exhibitors last year anyway.

If we hadn’t been before, we’d have had a much better time, and if we’d have had, say, £50 to spend on bits to play with and write about, we’d have had much more fun. If it had just been a bit cooler, we’d probably have taken more time about it and got more out of it. As it was, though, we spent £15 to get in, then £10 for sandwiches, and left after around half an hour.

Next year, we might give it a miss, unless we have more money to spare and a bit of cooler weather. If you’ve never been, though, do go next year – it’s still a great show, just not one you need to see every time.

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