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Latest Update: Made my first Tea Sketch, and added it to the group – see the pics further down…

Flickr is mainly a photo-sharing site, but they don’t mind too much if you share drawings and paintings too. They do say that if most of your pics are drawings and paintings, though, they may mark your account to stop showing up in public areas – like groups. So, it’s not the ideal place if you just want to share drawings, but if you mainly post photos, a few drawings won’t hurt…

The Drawing Club

We write a weekly column for The Drawing Club, but along with the blog, there’s a Yahoo! Group, and a Flickr group where you can share your drawings with the other members…

Everyday Matters

Danny Gregory has a lot of fans, as much for his encouragement of everyone else to draw as for his own drawings. He also created the Flickr group where lots of people share their art. EDM is one of the most popular art-related groups, with (at the time of writing) 298 members and 1,542 pictures posted.

Like The Drawing Club, there is also a Yahoo! Group, and EDM also have weekly drawing challenges to keep you inspired.

Tea Sketches

Tea Sketches - Preparing

Drop a tea bag on an index card, and let it make a stain. Then, turn the stain into a drawing. I love this idea, and I think I’ll be having a go at it with my next cup of tea. Maybe even put a stock of index cards next to the tea bags. Tea seems to be preferred, but if you don’t drink tea, they’ll let you use an alternative. Coffee, wine and mustard are all suggested, just as long as it’s a natural stain, not set up for a specific drawing idea.

My first attempt at a Tea Sketch…

Tea Sketch 1 - Angry People

Pencil Revolution

They’re mainly about the pencils themselves, but the group incudes quite a lot of drawings done with pencils.