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We ought to link to this – they’re generating more content for our CaseMods page. ExtremeTech have just started their third annual case modding competition, with weekly prizes beginning this Friday. Each weekly winner gets entered for the grand prize. It’s a slightly odd choice of prizes, though. The winners each win – a case. Wouldn’t the winners of this contest be the people least likely to want a PC case? Surely it would make more sense to give cases to the losers? (Yes it would, and don’t call me Shirley). OK, so there’s a few more bits to the grand prize, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

It’s only open to US residents, unfortunately, but I don’t think we’d have won anyway – sticking a sparkly fan from Maplin in the back and sellotaping a picture of Zippy to the front of a computer doesn’t really count as ‘modding’, does it?

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